Our Cheeses

Manchego Cheese

Designation of Origin

Our Manchego Cheese is made in the region of Castilla La Mancha, from sheep's milk of the Manchega breed, with a minimum maturation period of 60 days. The Manchega sheep graze in the fields of La Mancha, thus producing a peculiar milk that contributes to give the rich and characteristic flavor to the aforementioned product.

Sheep Cheese

The Sheep's Cheese is made with sheep's milk from the area of the Mounts of Toledo, with a minimum maturation period of 60 days. It is a typical type of cheese that is produced in various factories of the Spanish geography. The Navalmoral Cheese produced in our factory combines the artisan character with the technology and quality standards of our own time.

Goat Cheese

The Campos de Toledo Cheese is made with pasteurized goat's milk from the area of the Mounts of Toledo and of the Madrid Mountains, areas which are rich in thyme, rockrose, heather and aromatic pastures that make our Navalmoral Cheese an exquisite delicacy to the palate.

Iberico Cheese

The Iberico Cheese is the most popular blended cheese in Spain, and, according to the proportions established in 1987 by the Spanish Cheese and Butter Manufacturers Association, this cheese that must contain a maximum of 50% of cow's milk, minimum 15% of goat's milk and minimum of 15% of sheep's milk.