Designation of Origin

Quesos Navalmoral

In addition to making pure sheep cheese, pure goat cheese and Iberico cheese, we also manufacture the famous pure sheep cheese with Manchego Designation of Origin.

To obtain this Designation of Origin, it must be a pressed paste cheese made with sheep's milk of the Manchega breed, with a minimum maturation of 30 days for cheeses weighing 1.5 kg or less, and 60 days for the rest of formats, and a maximum of 2 years.

The milk must be free of medicinal products, which may adversely affect the production, maturation and conservation of the cheese.

How to identify a Manchego Sheep Cheese:

  • The surface of the cheese is lattice and its flat faces have lines dividing the surface into 4 parts.
  • Natural color. Depending on how it is cured, it may vary from ivory to brown. The rind may be coated with transparent inactive substances.
  • On the back of the cheese will be the casein plate, where you can also see the term “Manchego”. This plate allows identify the product traceability.
    Placa de Caseina
  • The commercial label must show that it has been produced entirely from Manchega Sheep's Milk. You can also read the word "Manchego".
  • The Manchego cheese can only be made in the area covered by the Designation of Origin, which covers part of the provinces of Albacete, Ciudad Real, Cuenca and Toledo.