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Manchego P.D.O.

Manchega sheep spend their days grazing in the pasture of La Mancha.Their diet is what gives their milk its distinct flavor. It is the same delicious flavor that characterizes Manchego cheese.

Cheeses are differentiated based on their maturity. At the age of 180 days, cheese is described as curado (cured) and, at 60 days, it is referred to as semicurado (semi cured).

The surface of the cheese has a wrinkled appearance and a natural color that varies depending to age. The primary feature of Manchego is the casein label that serves as an identifier for each cheese and, at the same time, guarantees the quality of the product.

The cheese has an ivory color, and the holes are evenly distributed throughout the paste.

The texture is creamy and melts in the mouth. Its has a mild, nuttty flavour that is unique to sheep’s milk.


Technical sheet


Product obtained from fresh Manchega sheep's milk after pasteurization, with the addition of starter cultures, rennet extract and calcium chloride. Once molded and pressed cheeses are placed in brine. Here are kept drier and coated with an antifungal solution to prevent mold growth and yeast. Finally, keep in ripening a few months.


INGREDIENTS: Pasteurized sheep Manchega milk, starters, rennet, salt, calcium chloride.

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