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At the dairy Quesos Navalmoral, we combine the ancient cheese tradition of our grandparents who worked in the sector since 1960, together with the latest technologies applied to the production process, thus, obtaining top quality products which comply with European and International standards.

We work with excellent raw materials obtained from the hills or Toledo, in Castilla-La Mancha region. This region  stands out for its rich production of sheep, goat and cow’s milk.

We produce not only pure sheep’s milk cheeses, pure goat’s milk cheeses and Ibérico cheese, but also the famous Manchego cheese with Denomination of Origin.

Our Manchego PDO cheese has achieved a new bronze medal at the prestigious World Cheese Awards event, held in London in November 2010. This award joins the bronze medal at the World Cheese Awards 2009 held in the Canary Islands.


The company Quesos Navalmoral has the commitment with consumers and partners to build long lasting commercial relations in which common goals are shared.

Our philosophy is based on an active participation in society, thus performing functions which improve people’s quality of life and preserve the cultural property and heritage of countries in which we operate.

We are a company capable of adapting to ongoing changes and are aware of our responsibility in the definition of a fairest, healthiest and more balanced world.

We focus our work in mutual trust and lay the bases for growth, always respecting the conservation of our environment.

Our commitment with society is to offer a consistently attractive product of high quality capable of meeting with the expectations of a demanding marked of millennial culinary tradition.

We contribute to the gastronomic world by offering the authentic taste of La Mancha in our dairy products, all of them being manufactures under regular control systems which guarantee their quality.

We want to make the experience of testing our products a subject for comment, a story to be told, a way of teaching how to enjoy gastronomy as part of our lives